Open Letter to our Holders

Dear Holders, I’m excited to be writing in my first week as CEO of SpacePunksClub (SPC). I’m honored to be part of this amazing, diverse project, and I want to thank Phil and the Founding Team for having faith in me to lead us into this new era.

Open Letter to our Holders

Dear Holders,
I’m excited to be writing in my first week as CEO of SpacePunksClub (SPC). I’m honored to be part of this amazing, diverse project, and I want to thank Phil and the Founding Team for having faith in me to lead us into this new era.

In the last six months the Founding Team have turned an idea into a product and a community. Now it’s time to turn it into a brand. As you know, the Founding Team will continue to be engaged and work full-time from the SpacePunksClub office. I look forward to working closely with them, leveraging strengths, closing the gaps and expediting decision making.

I’m truly humbled by this opportunity. I joined the project during the mint after falling in love with the art. I then increased my position as the community quickly formed around the art and the Founding Team. Within a week I had volunteered to be a Mod as I knew this was going to be something special and I wanted to assist in any way possible. The skillsets I have developed over the last 17 years managing hundreds of staff around the world and projects totalling over $7.5 billion USD has given me a unique insight into what does and doesn’t work. The Founding Team has grown SPC to an impressive holder count of over 4,550. All of whom have purchased an SPC NFT with the goal of enjoying great art, finding community, being part of something innovative and let’s be honest – making money!

As we embark on a new chapter together, we begin in the midst of our most challenging time to date. However, with challenge comes opportunity for growth. What we, the community, have been experiencing over the last month on both professional and personal levels has been difficult – I know, I’ve lived it. But, please believe me as someone who started out as solely a holder, you are my number one priority. If I could describe SPC in one word today it would be “undervalued” – let it be known that it will be a word of the past.

You should also know that I, along with the rest of the team, are focused on where we take SPC from here. As we transition this project into a business, it starts with brand. What is SpacePunksClub? What do we represent?

SPC stands for Sincerity, Prosperity & Community
Sincerity: Clear communication, transparent team, follow through on commitments
Prosperity: Continually adding value to our holders and prioritizing them
Community: Two ears, One mouth (we will listen) and create an environment that is dynamic and exciting.

Today we represent the underdog, the little guy/girl who has been overlooked, undervalued or dismissed and we stand for the holders who believe in SPC. Underdogs adapt, evolve and become winners because of their preparation, heart, execution and the driven BELIEF that the game will not end any other way.
Our name represents our desire to explore new things, innovate, and push boundaries (Space), we also want to disrupt the conventional finance world and 9-5 jobs (Punks) whilst maintaining an exclusive engaged community (Club).

There is tremendous learning in a time of negative growth. I’m learning every day, and I’m being continually reminded of things that remain fundamentally true to us ― things that will be central to my leadership themes and vision going forward.
The first thing that remains fundamentally true is that people rely on us for value. And now holders are relying on us like no other time in our short history. We have an incredibly strong community of diamond-handed punks who have stuck through with us in the exciting highs and the disappointing lows, and I feel honored that I have the privilege of now leading over 4,500 people to financial profits.

Throughout this downturn, I’ve also been reminded of the other reasons people invest their time and money into Web 3.0 and the SPC community. We transcend traditional borders, we rebel against aging investment structures, we find friends from unexpected places, we share knowledge faster than ever before, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.
I’ve also learned that we have a need to move with speed, clarity, and impact. With our organizational structure solidifying, the sense of urgency goes up, and our collaborative spirit takes over to solve problems for our community. We are responding to the current conditions in an unprecedented manner and wish to show tangible progress to all of you.

The results of these efforts over the last few days have already been profound: I have had several successful calls with collaborators and platforms: we have partnered with our first MetaVerse; we are launching our largest giveaway and will be announcing a bigger one in this Sundays APA (Ask Punks Anything), but more importantly – we are defining our Brand. SpacePunksClub is an underdog today and this is our comeback. I look forward to referencing this letter in a future tomorrow when we’re a blue-chip mainstream investment. There’s beauty in being the underdog. People root for the underdog, because there’s something about watching the little guy succeed – let them watch us.

As we move forward, I’ll be asking you to bring this same passion to our community and I’m openly challenging myself and our leadership to foster it. We live in a fast-changing, connected, and competitive world. Our holders and our competitors are fully aware of our history and past success, but words and promises alone are not enough to sustain us. We are not entitled to anything ― we must earn it every day.

We must innovate. We must add value. We must build on the desire to join the SPC community. We must deliver. The speed of change requires us to be nimble, fast, and action-oriented, and we need to re-evaluate any aspect of our culture or organization that inhibits our ability to act in this way.
And finally, I’m learning, yet again, how great our community and leadership team is. This is a community of people ― innovative, passionate, and smart. I know we can out innovate our peers and solve problems within Web 3.0 because I know we have some of the most talented people out there. And I will ensure that they have an environment that enables them to shine.

I’m excited about being your CEO and energized by what the future holds. I promise you that I will always put our Core Values first: Sincerity, Prosperity & Community. The SPC Mission is my compass, by which I set my true north. That doesn’t mean I won’t make mistakes. I have a lot to learn and am willing to ask for help along the way. If you don’t agree with me on something, please trust that my intentions are good and are grounded in the Mission and know that your feedback is always encouraged. We have two ears and one mouth for a reason.

With ongoing innovation, creativity, and unity, we'll continue to be pioneers in this space and reach greater heights than ever before. We’ve never been more fired up than right now for our journey to the moon, so strap in and prepare for take-off! #SPC4L #WAGMI

Felix (MrPink)