Space Punks Club - Launchpad Beta (featuring: Bullish Llamas!)

Space Punks Club - Launchpad Beta (featuring: Bullish Llamas!)


Llamas have entered the SPC galaxy, and they come in peace!

We are excited to be announcing our collaboration with Bullish Llama NFT tonight – the project is minting this Tuesday.

Check 'em out on Twitter:
While you're at it, check out their Discord:

The Bullish Llamas come bearing gifts! They are giving us 500 of their NFTs. No, thats not a typo. 500 Bullish Llamas for us! At a mint price of 0.07ETH, we are receiving 35 ETH worth of these majestic llama NFTs that we will be distributing FOR FREE to SPC & SDC holders.

We will give 200 to BUYERS of SPC & SDC on OpenSea from yesterday through this Tuesday. Anyone who purchased from the SPC or SDC collections on OpenSea between Sept.24th and Sept.28th will be automatically entered into a raffle.

Another 200 will be distributed between SPC Holders at random. We might set up a registration form to avoid airdropping these to inactive holders.

The remaining 100 will go into our SPC community wallet.

We will be airdropping SPC Treasure Keys to everyone that is getting a Bullish Llama.
These keys will allow you to mint the Llama NFTs just for gas - either from our website, or directly from contract.
All mints are random. We will try to have the keys airdropped to our holders 48 hours within the Bullish Llama Club NFT Launch

YES, this is us beta testing the Launchpad. If it works well, we are in talks with a dozen other projects that are interested. And remember, this is not financial advice. You are entirely responsible for minting and holding these NFTs, we are just trying to provide value for our holders.

Happy weekend, SPC Community!! Enjoy your new llama friends, lucky winners <3