The Great Clone Burning

The Great Clone Burning

The day has finally come.

The clones look around nervously knowing that they could be sent to the burn chamber at any moment – or will they live a little longer as the clone hunt continues…

Those who hold clones (SpacePunkClub NFT that has a metadata identical twin) will have the ability to burn their clone for a Ghost SpacePunk.

Check if your SpacePunk is a clone here:

This has been a long time in the making and @Seagull7x has not disappointed!
When your Clone is burnt, it’s spirit will appear in the form of unique GhostPunk.

(Check out the below GhostPunk sneak peeks)

But we don’t stop with GhostPunks, if you’re fortunate enough to collect 4 GhostPunks – you can burn them together combining their knowledge into an ElderPunk

(Check out the below ElderPunk sneak peeks)

There are going to be several questions associated with this collection as the minting process is rather unique, let us clarify a few of your questions in advance:

1)      What is this collection?

This collection is the response to community feedback on ClonePunks. Unfortunately, when the Space Punks were generated, we had 2,255 that ended up with the same MetaData as another Punk (over 600 unique clones). As a result, we have decided to commence Operation Clone Burn – an effort to remove the clones from the main collection over time.

2)      How do I mint a GhostPunk?

You will need to be holding a ClonePunk (you can check if your Punk is a clone on the above link) you will be able to burn the clone and mint a ghost through our website. These will be on the Ethereum network and the secondary sales will be on OpenSea (and coming to LooksRare shortly after). Burning/Minting will be available Friday February 4th

3)      What is an ElderPunk?

In order to gamify the experience and provide Seagull7x the opportunity to produce some crazy artwork (we didn’t want Ghosts overshadowing the entire OG collection), we decided that by collecting 4 GhostsPunks – they can be burnt for an ElderPunk. Burning/Minting will be available Friday February 11th

4)     What are the mint costs and expected gas costs?

  • Minting will be free (ETH wise), instead you pay with a Clone burn.
  • Gas costs will be minimal (we have spent quite a bit of time on the technical side here), our test runs have cost $20 to mint 4 Ghost Punks when GWEI is 110. We will continue to test this, however we have extensively optimized the gas costs.
  • Additionally, the gas costs for burning the ghosts and minting an elder will be subtantially reduced - this has been achieved by using ERC721A contract.

5)     What will happen to the burnt Clones/Ghosts?

Due to the existing smart contract and the limiations to the ERC721A contract the NFT's won't be 'burnt' and total supply won't be reduced - instead they'll be sent to a blackhole wallet that cannot sell/transfer NFT's out. Essentially a burn wallet (this will end up being the largest holder and can easily be identifed as burn tokens).

6)      What about the utility from this collection?

  • GhostPunks will have the same utility as a ClonePunk
  • ElderPunks will have slightly more utility than 4 ClonePunks (estimated 20% higher)

7)      What about rarity in the new collection?

Number of NFTs: 2215 GhostPunks & 557 ElderPunks. The ElderPunks will be rarer than Ghosts, however we have hidden 40 rare GhostPunks within the collection and when 4 of them are collected and burnt, you’ll receive a 1/1 Elder that is in the top 10 rarity.

Rarity Order:

  • 10 1/1 EldersPunks
  • 547 ElderPunks
  • 40 Rare GhostPunks
  • 2,175 GhostPunks

8)      How will I tell if I get a RareGhost?

We wanted the rares to be distingusable so when you're browsering LooksRare or OpenSea you can spot it. The regular GhostClones will be green, the rare GhostClones will be various colors - see example below:

9)      What if I have a zombie or ape clone?

There are a set of zombie triplets and ape twins. The team acknowledges that these are worth more than a standard clone - hence a special burn process.

ZombieClone: Will burn straight to an ElderPunk (with a zombie trait)

ApeClone: Will burn straight to an ElderPunk (no special trait)

10)      Can you explain the mechanisms for this minting/burning process?

  1. Burn 1 ClonePunk via website (clones sent to burner wallet)
  2. Every burned Clone will get you a whitelist spot that allows you to mint GhostPunk.
  3. You have 2 ways how to get an elder:
  • Once you burn 4 clone punks, you can bypass the ghosts and receive a whitelist spot for minting an Elder Punk.
  • Or you can collect 4 ghosts at first, burn them and get a whitelist spot for minting an Elder Punk.

- If you choose to mint 4 ClonePunks directly to an elder (to save gas), you will not have a chance of getting a rare ghost and in turn a 1/1 ElderPunk.
- If you attempt to burn 3 GhostPunks and 1 rare GhostPunk – it will not work.

11)      When will minting stop?

Minting will not stop, we expect this to play out for several months as people hunt down clones, people accidentally list them cheap. We will reassess the collection every couple of months and it will remain a topic of conversation with our community – it’s important that this collection not only thrives, but compliments the OG collection.

12)      Is there an image that explains the mechanisms?

Yes, feel free to use the below image to explain it to others and share on social media.

13)      How can I buy a GhostPunk or ElderPunk if I don’t have any ClonePunks?

You will have to purchase these on the secondary market or collect the Clones/Ghost to mint an Elder.

14)     Will a GhostPunks & ElderPunks receive the backdated $Galaxy (including rocket fuel if applicable) for the 4 burnt clones when the token is distributed?

Yes, everything will be back-dated at the time of token distribution.

15)     Will my Ghost/Elder still act as the other half of a matching pair (Ghosts) or pairs (Elders) for the Dino evolution?

Yes, however the Ghost / Elder must be stored in the same wallet as Dino for proof of ownership.

16)      What is happening to the clones sent to Re-Punk chamber and any other clones the team holds? Are they going to be burned to reduce the overall OG supply? If so, are they going to be burned into Ghosts or Elders? And will the Team keep them unlisted?

The team will be burning them to GhostPunks and ElderPunks. These will be used for giveaways, promotional payments etc... Not listed for public sale.

16)     Will I retain my current Discord role (Shark, Whale, Kraken) and the associated perks if I burn 4 clones and that reduction takes me down a tier?

We cannot maintain these roles as their automatic based on what your wallet holds. However will the addition of the new collection, we will be looking to add some new roles.