Welcome to the official Space Punks Club blog!

Welcome to the official Space Punks Club blog!

The Space Punks Club have taken the NFT world by storm, and we have been blown away by the rapid growth of our community. We launched on OpenSea August 15th, and sold out within a day. Since then, we have added over 3,600 unique holders, 7,500 Members on Discord, and over 13,000 Twitter Followers. It’s hard to believe it’s been just under three weeks since we went live! We have had the likes of JRNY Crypto, Johnny Sins, Steve Aoki, and the legendary Gary V, join the SPC community.

Seagull7x, the creator of Space Punks, has continued to release art that captures the imagination and continues to blow our minds. He has leaked us some sneak peaks for the upcoming Space Dino release over the past few days that have us dying for more, and more is soon to come!

If you don’t already know, every SPC holder is entitled to one gorgeous Space Dino per Space Punk. The release date & further details will be announced on Twitter, Discord, and right here on September 5th.

Our Discord community continues to inspire us with useful tools for technical analysis, helpful tips for newcomers, suggestions for the moderators, hilarious memes, songs, and other derivative artwork. It is a huge part of what Space Punks was always meant to be: an awesome NFT community.

We launched our updated website on August 30th, keep an eye on our socials to grab your Space Punks merch when the first collection drops! More updates to come in the weeks ahead.

The SPC charity fund is already up and running with a whopping 60 ETH (about 240K USD), and there is still time to recommend organizations that are near and dear to you. On Friday, September 10th we will have a community vote over 24 hours in the Charity Suggestions channel in the SPC Discord! 10 ETH will be split between 3 organizations in The Giving Block.

Our marketing efforts haven’t even started yet, and we have so much more we can’t wait to show you. Strap in as we get ready for orbit!

We will continue to post our can’t-miss updates to the Space Punk Club here on Medium. We’re hard at work on our plans to further build out the SPC universe.

… Look out for more soon to come!

The incomparable Johnny Sins, everyone.